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Core Range

Fat Cat Bitter

3.8% abv

A pale gold bitter, with distinct floral, citrus aromas. The subtle blend of classic English pale malts gives a distinctive taste, which blends well with the hop bitterness to give a well-balanced flavour.

Champion Bitter of Norfolk 2014

Honey Ale

4.3% abv

A golden coloured ale, combining the full flavour of English pale and crystal malts with Norfolk honey, giving a sweetish, yet full-flavoured ale. The sweet notes of Pilgrim hops combine well with the honey to give a smooth finish, with bite.

The Specials Range!


5.5% abv

Our flavoursome copper ale combines English pale malt with speciality Munich malt for complexity and a smooth finish. Only traditional English hops are used and the result is a multi-award winner, once nominated for Champion Beer of Britain.

Norfolk Beer of the Year 2016!


6.4% abv

New for 2017, extra cold-hop additions massively increase flavour and aroma, as we celebrate 25 years of The Fat Cat pub in. Strong, pale Maris Otter base, gives the full malt body to carry the crisp, bold hops, with a taste that lasts to India and back!


5.0% abv

An Extra Pale Ale, which balances Norfolk barley with a blend of hops from Britain, Europe and the Americas. Full-bodied and eminently drinkable, it belies its strength and has undone many resolutions – very moreish!

Lemon Sencha
5.0% abv

We base this beer on our popular EPA, with a solid, full-bodied malt base of Maris Otter barley. In collaboration with Wilkinson's of Norwich, we created a range of tea and fruit infusions. This one is a refreshing Green Tea with Lemon – including both juice and peel, as well as aroma-enhancing lemongrass. Light and lovely.

Hell Cat

4.1% abv

A light, fruity beer, with plenty of body. The kick comes from New World hops, packed with bright, citrus flavours. The malt and hop balance gives a great taste without too much bitterness. Remodelled for 2015, with smoother, fuller flavour.

4.6% abv

An attractively-coloured deep, dark beer. The characteristic sweet, rich flavour of roast malt and molasses is well balanced with the pronounced hop flavour and aroma of classic English Pilgrim hops.

Catty McHorseface
4.0% abv

A collaboration brew with White Horse Neatishead, a beer from the City & County Pubs Of The Year 2016. The flavours are Scottish in origin, with creamy oats combined with chocolate malt for depth of colour and flavour and peat-smoked malts giving a definite whiff of a scotch from the isles. 8 malts blended harmoniously in a mid-brown ale.

Rhubard & Rose Petal
4.3% abv

This is a sweet, yet floral, highly drinkable light ale – another of our tea-infusion range. Highly aromatic, the hops sit quietly in the background to allow the delicate fruit and flower flavours to linger on the palate.

Berry & Black Stout
4.6% abv

Our full-bodied Stout Cat forms the perfect base for an  infusion of dark berry flavours. This rich, satisfying brew is a high-quality, Winter warmer – think top-price dessert drink, rather than £2.99 plonk from the bargain aisle!

Mocha Moggy
4.6% abv

A welcome return, for our Ethiopian Mocha coffee Stout. Each pint has the same hit of caffeine as a shot of espresso, with the rich, full flavour you would expect to have served up by your favourite barista. Do not drink at bedtime